How to make computer faster in Windows 7

Modern Lifestyle has added made many things, become a critical part of our life. One of them is Computer. It has been replaced many items of people’s life. Especially for people working in managing data, this device is irreplaceable. It has efficient tools that can easily manage data. The system is also optimum for personal use. The importance of the computer, is due to its programs. Various programs can do various activities. Users depend on these programs for their important works. It is really very annoying when it works slow. Therefore, we are providing methods on ‘How to make the Computer Faster for Windows 7

Method no.1: Remove all inessential things form your device

The device saves lot of items that are essential for a certain period of time. These items, having no use in the future, stays in the device. This cause load over the storage and decreases the speed. The following solutions will help you eradicate these items. 

The process is required to use the search bar within the ‘Start option’. Type ‘Run’ in it. Open the application. You can command it to show certain items. In this box type the following one-by-one and press enter. Then delete all the files that are shown in the result. Some files will not get deleted. Press ‘Skip’

1. %temp%

2. Temp

3. Prefetch 

Method no.2: Stop the unwanted programs from getting automatically started

Programs are essential part of the computer. They do various activities within your device to make the experience better. Right when you start your device, some of these starts working. These consume your memory and battery at the same time. All this without even functioning. That’s why, stopping these programs is necessary to make the computer faster for Windows 7.

  • Step 1: Press the start icon
  • Step 2: Many options will pop-up. Beneath these options, you will have a ‘Search Bar’. In this search the following words: msconfig
  • Step 3: This will open many options for the user to changes in your system. Press the ‘Service option’ on the top.
  • Step 4: In the downward section, you will find this option: Hide all Microsoft Services. There will be an empty box in front of this option. Check/Tick the box. 
  • Step 5: Above the option, the list of programs will be visible. These are the programs the start automatically. See, which program is unwanted. Select the box which is beside the application. This will remove the check/tick. 
  • Step 6: Press the apply button first, and then the ‘Ok’ button beside it.
  • Step 7: A pop-up will appear. Do, as it says.

Method no.3: Make your device work at full capacity.

To make the Computer Faster for Windows 7, the device needs power. Making it run on full capacity gives in these powers. There are certain options that provides the facility to the user to do this. 

  • Doing the following will be helpful to attain the speed.
  • Step 1: In the process too, press the ‘Start Icon’
  • Step 2: Now the list of options will open-up. Press on the Control Panel option. 
  • Step 3: You can see many icons on the screen. On top of them, there is a small search bar. In it search the following: Power Options
  • Step 4: Select the first option in the result. This will open-up the settings.
  • Step 5: In the end, you will find a drop-down box for additional options. In these, these will be a ‘High Performance option’. Press on the circle beside it, will choose it. 

Method no.4: Replace your Hard 

One of the best options to attain speed, is replacing your old hard drive with a better one. The old hard drive technology, works very slow in comparison to the newer one. The newer one is known as ‘SSD’, and are easily available in the market. These might cost more, but are effective in providing the quickness. 

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